Patterns for Large Dogs
  • ACU
    Army Combat Uniform - Show your American spirit with this digi-camo pattern inspired by the uniforms of our armed forces! Perfect to show your love for your troops! Now available in 1"!
  • Sea Glass
    Sea Glass
    Newest Pattern!
    Originally a 1/2" pattern, this classic is now available in 1". Simple yet stunning, in cobalt, aqua and bright lime with purple edging, this pattern looks wonderful on any coat.
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  • Shadow Hunter
    Shadow Hunter
    Originally launched in 1996, it proved to be one of the most popular 1" designs. Updated colors include mahogany, cream and orange with black edges.
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  • Flower Power
    Flower Power
    Newest Pattern!
    A classic re-emerges! This favorite features bright 70's style bubble flowers across a dark background.
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  • Flower Box
    Flower Box
    Set the stage for Spring! Features a purple and pink checkerboard decorated with bright orange flowers. Great on any coat-color!
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  • Copper Canyon
    Copper Canyon
    The red rocks of the west meet the the green peaks of the east to create a dynamic design with active dogs in mind! Brick red and orange on army green and sage.
  • Tail Feathers
    Tail Feathers
    Be proud as a peacock when you hit the town with new 1" Tail Feathers! Bold blue peacock feather 'eyes' over a vibrant green background, make this pattern absolutely fantastic on any color of dog.
  • Sunny Days
    Sunny Days
    Fall welcomes Sunny Days, bright orange and yellow suns explode happily on to a deep purple background. Reminiscent of the summer fireworks, your pup is sure to stand out!
  • Brook Trout
    Brook Trout
    In honor of our 20th anniversary, 1" Brook Trout is back! Originally released in 1999, it continues to be the most sought after retired design. Featuring iconic fish swimming in shades of light and dark green with subtle touches of yellow, brown and red, your Retriever's wardrobe will not be complete without this pattern!
  • Go Go Gecko
    Go Go Gecko
    Introducing Go Go Gecko! A bright emerald gecko shimmies across a background of red and orange leaves. Beautiful on both dark and light coats.
  • Dapper Dog
    Dapper Dog
    Playful yet dignified Dapper Dog features a smart argyle design in shades of blue accented with bright yellow bones. Look for it in 1/2" and 3/4" widths too!
  • Puppy Love
    Puppy Love
    Who can argue pink, hearts and argyle aren't cute? Not many according to the continued popularity of Puppy Love! Look for it in 1/2" and 3/4" widths too!
  • Plum Blossom
    Plum Blossom
    A beautiful brushed ink floral motif in a rich purple makes its way across a shocking raspberry background. The perfect feminine touch for any outdoorsy girl!
  • Bling Bonz
    Bling Bonz
    Show a little naughtiness without chewing anything up! Silver metallic thread makes this pattern 'pop' and the paw-and-crossbones icon fuses pop-culture and pet couture!
  • Turtle Reef
    Turtle Reef
    This pattern says 'warm and sunny' like no other! Sapphire blue sea turtles, large and small, swim in a tropical sea.