Patterns for Medium Dogs
  • Newest Pattern!
    Go Go Gecko
    Go Go Gecko
    Our popular pattern Go Go Gecko is now available in 3/4" for medium dogs! A bright emerald gecko shimmies across a background of red and orange leaves. Beautiful on both dark and light coats.
  • Newest Pattern!
    Our classic Lady Bug pattern with an updated twist. Deep green with bright green highlights create a fun background covered in lady bugs of all shapes and sizes in red, orange & black.
  • Flyaway
    Newest Pattern!
    New this October, 3/4” Fly Away celebrates the love of the great outdoors! Classic green with a colorful ringed neck pheasant on the wing.
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  • Sea Glass
    Sea Glass
    3/4" Sea Glass, is adapted from 1" Ruby Cube. Simple yet stunning, in cobalt, aqua and bright lime with purple edging, this pattern looks wonderful on any coat.
  • Starry Night
    Starry Night
    Starry Night - Think Northern Lights and star-studded skies! Starry Nights features celestial icons on a cobalt blue background.
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  • ACU
    Army Combat Uniform - Show your American spirit with this digi-camo pattern inspired by the uniforms of our armed forces! Perfect to show your love for your troops!
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  • Bling Bonz
    Bling Bonz
    Show a little naughtiness without chewing anything up! Silver metallic thread makes this pattern 'pop' and the paw-and-crossbones icon fuses pop-culture and pet couture!
  • Rain Song
    Rain Song
    Rain song is a beautiful geometric that evokes water droplets. In rich jewel tones of sapphire, blue and turquoise, and edged in purple.
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  • Heart 2 Heart
    Heart 2 Heart
    Say hello to Summer! This sweet new design features a chain of hearts in pink and purple with a touch of orange!
  • Tail Feathers
    Tail Feathers
    Be proud as a peacock when you hit the town with new 3/4" Tail Feathers! Bold blue peacock feather 'eyes' over a vibrant green background, make this pattern absolutely fantastic on any color of dog.
  • Down Under
    Down Under
    Inspired by the aboriginal art of Australia, 3/4" Down Under features a rich chestnut red background with bold icons in orange, black and cream. Put it on your favorite dingo!
  • Wet Paint
    Wet Paint
    3/4" Wet Paint! will add some sizzle to your collar sales. The blue-green background features big, juicy 'splats' of paint in orange, red and raspberry.
  • Crazy Daisy
    Crazy Daisy
    3/4" Crazy Daisy is guaranteed to banish the "blahs"! Vibrant orange and gold daisies are paired with blocks of purple and turquoise. This cheerful design shouts 'I'm ready for Summer' and, after this past winter, who isn't ready for some beach time?
  • Dapper Dog
    Dapper Dog
    Playful yet dignified Dapper Dog features a smart argyle design in shades of blue accented with bright yellow bones. Look for it in 1/2" and 1" widths too!
  • Puppy Love
    Puppy Love
    Who can argue pink, hearts and argyle aren't cute? Not many according to the continued popularity of Puppy Love! Look for it in 1/2" and 1" widths too!
  • Jelly Roll
    Jelly Roll
    This graceful geometric design is sure to look lovely on your pup! With the look of classical Greek mosaic art and a line of rolling curls down the center in the hues of violet and mauve, this design will leave a lasting impression.
  • Muddy Paws
    Muddy Paws
    Our all time best introduction! This beautiful and bold design evokes an earth-and-sky feel all in one of the hottest color trends: blue and brown!
  • Tickled Pink
    Tickled Pink
    Chocolate Brown meets Bubblegum Pink: You asked for it! The phenomenal success of Muddy Paws prompted a huge number of requests for a pink version. Given the undeniable popularity of this color combination, who were we to say no?